As an artist living in Noyack, I am ever absorbing the beauty of the surrounding waters and the strength and steadfastness of our trees. My response to such inspiration is to express myself through the media of photography, watercolor/gouache & ink, pastel, charcoal, and textiles.

Nature has always provided great spiritual inspiration for me. One of my greatest joys since moving out here in 2012 has been tending the roses at Bridge Gardens. When we first moved out here from Brooklyn, it was the beaches (especially in Montauk) that I never tired of photographing. Once we moved out to Noyack, I grew to love the bays with the same intensity. Living in the woods deepened my appreciation of trees.

My art has evolved from more or less representative paintings first of  beaches and sunsets, then flowers and trees. Once the election of 2016 happened, I seemed only able to make collages – cutting apart and piecing together first colors from the shiny pages of local magazines, then cutting up my own abstract watercolor paintings –  trying to make sense of the devastation and chaos that surround us now. Finally my collages morphed into an experimentation with line and color that has become the Abstracts that I now paint. And I have never stopped trying to capture in photographs my particular view of the omnipresent beauty of this part of the world in which I am honored to live.

Circle Beach in Pink